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Introduction This post will walk through how I created a library which implements Cobalt Strike’s External C2 Specification, introduces the ExternalC2.NET NuGet packages, and demonstrates how to use them in a custom third-party controller and client. External C2 Cobalt Strike has the ability to accept third-party command & control, allowing operators to go far beyond

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NTLM Relaying via Cobalt Strike

NTLM relaying is a popular attack strategy during a penetration test and is really trivial to perform. Just roll up at the client site, plug your laptop into the LAN, fire up responder and ntlmrelayx, and away you go. The majority of opportunistic relays come when a user or a machine tries to access an

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Cobalt Strike Spawn & Tunnel

Cobalt Strike 4.2 introduced a new set of “spawn and tunnel” commands called spunnel and spunnel_local. Shortly after release, Raphael Mudge published a blog post entitled Core Impact and Cobalt Strike Interoperability, in which he details how these can be used to tunnel Core Impact’s agent through Beacon. The CS manual also says the commands

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