Back in October 2018 (yes, 2018!), I approached begged xpn for a collaboration on an idea I had for a .NET C2 Framework. We worked on the project for about a month or so before real life got in the way and stalled development. In February 2019, cobbr released Covenant which is also a .NET C2 Framework. I subsequently spent some time contributing to, and writing about Covenant - but I’ve always wanted to get back to our original project.

I decided to re-visit SharpC2 (a very creative name on my part) over the 2019 Christmas period to try and get it into a position where we could release a proof of concept. Yet somehow I’m not writing this until May 2020! We can blame my RTO course for that.

This post is intended to provide an overview of SharpC2’s design concepts and some showcase examples of how it can be used. Code can be found on GitHub.

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Covenant Tasks 101

Covenant is a .NET Command and Control framework that boasts a number of exciting features for red teamers. The Covenant implants are called Grunts, which are capable of executing post-exploitation “tasks” on a compromised machine. Covenant v0.1 released with a number of useful tasks, but the repository has really grown from contributions from the Covenant community.

Tasks can extend the functionality and versatility of a Grunt, such as providing new lateral movement, persistence or privilege escalation techniques and more. Contributing a Task to Covenant is an excellent way to support the project.

This post will provide an introduction for those wishing to create and contribute new Tasks.

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